The PW Merrick Foundation’s driving philosophy is that when faced with a formidable enemy, victory will not come if resources are divided and spread too thinly across too many causes, worthy as they may be.  To this end, the PW Merrick Foundation provides targeted funding to specific projects that have potential to produce significant advances in the field of cancer treatment.

By entering into individual funding agreements with research organisations, we ensure that all funding is transparent, able to meet audit scrutiny and, most importantly, used for its specified purpose.  When you donate via the PW Merrick Foundation, you can be assured that your contribution is going directly to the front line of research and playing a key role in making cancer, like smallpox and bubonic plague before it, something that future generations only read about in history books.


Triochron Industries

The PW Merrick Foundation has entered into a funding agreement with Triochron Industries to fund the initial phases of Project Mirramar, which has been launched to develop a groundbreaking physics-based cancer treatment.

Like all matter in the universe, cancerous cells are bound together by, and owe their very survival to, interactions between atoms and molecules – interactions that can be disrupted if you know what you’re looking for and how to do it. 

Project Mirramar aims to harness the power of physics in developing a revolutionary new cancer treatment; not just for keeping malignant cells in check, but annihilating them entirely.

Triochron Industries has focused initially on one of the most lethal cancers known to humankind – glioblastoma multiforme. There are a number of reasons why Project Mirramar’s phased approach begins with glioblastoma and it will be the successful development of an intervention for this cancer that will lay the foundation for future work in ultimately developing a physics-based treatment for all cancers.

For more information about Project Mirramar and Triochron Industries, visit their website