About Us


The PW Merrick foundation is committed to funding ambitious and visionary projects that push the boundaries of current science and we are dedicated to being front and centre in the fight to create a world where the children of the future only learn about cancer and other currently incurable diseases from the pages of a history book.

Key among the Foundation’s funding aims is to support leading-edge research into the treatment of high-mortality cancers such as glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer.

The PW Merrick Foundation and you – together we can make a difference.


Send us an email at enquiries@pwmerrick.org

The Chairman can also be contacted directly on:

0437 234 125 for callers within Australia

+61 4 37234125 from outside Australia



Board of Directors

Chris Batt

Chris spent the early part of his working career in the field of mental health and was a colleague of PW Merrick. Dedicating the remainder of his working life to public service, Chris served as a state Member of Parliament, spent five years as the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and later spent time as the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Justice.  Now retired, Chris is still active in his benevolent pursuits and brings substantial corporate governance experience to the Foundation.

Kim Hudson

Kim is a qualified legal practitioner, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University in 1997. She has a wealth of legal experience having previously provided counsel to the Australian Federal Police and the United Nations as well as serving as an assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Along with her work for the Foundation, Kim is currently part of the legal and governance team for an AFR top 100 company.


Leigh has three decades of experience in banking and finance and provides significant financial management expertise to the Foundation. Leigh earned his MBA from Deakin University in 1999 and is currently the Head of Payments Portfolio with a major Australian bank.

Patrick S.

Patrick is the son of PW Merrick and has inherited his love of the sciences and his insatiable thirst for knowledge. After spending the early part of his career in banking and finance, Patrick has spent the better part of the past two decades in the field of business analysis and corporate compliance.